It’s the fourth of July, and I’m too caught up in festivities to type up a proper podcast post. Why do I spoil the contents of each episode every week anyway? Oh, right, for SEO purposes, and some people actually read these posts instead of diving straight to the cast. Well, I’ll just list off the relevant artist names and such after the jump with links, and you can listen to the cast for context! Oh, we also talk about our favorite albums of all time. No big deal.

Episode 37 – Apples and GOATs

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN

Anata, Brain Drill, Carnifex, Too Many Zooz, Spellcaster, Trivium, Arch Enemy, Oracles, In Flames, Tool, Disillusion, Spotify/Apple, Apple Music/Tidal, 130 people, our list of 25 albums.


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  1. karlo

    comment 1/2
    cheers for the too many zoos news, i love them, but i didnt realise they had a new album out so ill need to check that out. also your descritpion of anata sounds like something right up my alley, so ill have to check them out as well. is there discography consistently good, or are there a couple of standouts?

    re your top albums, i love a lot of albums that you both mentioned – but there are some in particular i’d like to discuss here. given im about to write ill do two separate comment, so ill start with noyan. i completely agree that shogun is pretty much a flawless album, it’s so fucking good, and i think it ties in well with the blackening here as well. they’re both phenomenal albums, and whilst they’re clearly not the same, i think the sound has some pretty visible similarities. both were released around the same time by bands who had been maligned in the past, both are rooted in that thrashy/groovy type of metal that appeared in the ’90s while adding enough of something different to really elevate them to amazing album status. there are melodic moments, crushingly heavy moments and mixtures of harsh and clean vocals where the singing isn’t necessarily like the perfect voice, but it’s delivery is exactly what the songs call for and just sort of fits in really well.

    now i feel like the bands really diverged from that point, with Machine Head taking that momentum and just running with it – I feel like Unto the Locust and Killers & Kings are both phenomenal albums, marking them as THE best band in that style in modern metal.on the other hand, i feel like trivium have kind of let it slip since then. i enjoy their albums and there are still some amazing songs here and there, but the album’s as a whole just don’t feel special – they’re solid albums and that’s it.

    i liked that album by the contortionist, but tbh i dont really remember it, so given you speak so highly of it i will need to revisit it. heavy agree on obscura, though personally i feel that they surpassed omnivium on akroasis. finally, im glad you kept raving about august burns red for so long, after hearing your balls deep on them i finally checked out found in far away places and it really is brilliant. it’s probably the greatest metalcore album ive heard and i really like pretty much everything about it, even the country style parts and that’s a style of music i usually really dislike – so thanks for consistently repping them!

    • Nayon

      Anata definitely shines most with that album, so check that. I agree re: Trivium vs MH, but I think that while not reaching the heights of Shogun, IW and VF are still great. I’ll talk about it when we eventually do a balls deep on Trivium. VF is underrated in some ways and IW is probably their second best album for me.

  2. karlo

    comment 2/2
    now moving onto Eden, i didnt have as much agreement with your list, but that’s to be expected as my tastes align much more closely with noyan’s than they do with yours. heavy agree on anathema, i still remember when i first heard that album last year. it was my first time ever listening to them and it was one of those moments where you’re just entranced the whole time, taken to another place and, even though (as usual) i wasnt paying attention to the lyrics you can’t help but feel the emotion take a hold of you. it’s not often this happens, but as soon as i finished listening to it for the first time i was just like ‘ok, i have another name to add to my ‘favourite bands’ list’. i dont listen to them as often as i should and i find i have to be in a certain mood for them, but when the mood is right there really is nobody better than them

    totally agree that an opeth album needs to be here, and you cant really argue with your choice, there discography is so good that you could pick almost any pre-heritage album and be able to justify it. that brings me to my last point – karnivool. karnivool are one of my absolute favourite bands, and i completely agree that sound awake is one of the best albums ever – it really is amazing, and for a very long time it was my favourite karnivool record. but im surprised that you said themata was merely ‘a good album’ – imo themata is so fucking good – it’s now my definitive favourite karnivool record and would definitely make my own version of this list. i didnt give it a proper chance until they toured Aus recently and played it in full, so i listened to it on repeat to get pumped for the gig and i really found a new appreciation for it. i genuinely cant pick any flaws in it, there is no moment wasted, no element which could be any better than what they managed to achieve on that record. my opinion of sound awake hasnt diminished, but themata just had more punch and i feel that it’s more consistently great. neither of them have weak tracks, but i feel there are more amazing moments in themata than there are in sound awake

    anyway, that’s my two cents worth – you both had some great picks in there and ive also got a stack of suggestions now for further listening, great episode! in future, one thing i would’ve liked and something i think you can improve on if you do more lists in the future, is at the end just recap on what your lists were so that we can get a sense of them in a consolidated format

    • Nayon

      I was too lazy this week to post the actual lists and I don’t want people to not listen to the descriptions first, but yeah, we can verbally recap next time.

      • karlo

        yeah, verbal recap is what i meant, i can totally understand not putting it in writing on the post itself and would do the same in your shoes

    • Eden

      Re: Themata. I think the album really suffers from having only short tracks. A lot of the ideas expressed on them are cool and all but they’re not fully realized. You don’t have the expanse and amazing journey that is Change Part II or Deadman. In addition, I really dislike the nu metal/electronic tone of the guitars; everything just feels a bit raw and young, a starting out album.

      I think for me it’s 1) Sound Awake, 2) Asymmetry, 3) Themata. Come to Israel so I can fight you IRL about this.

      • karlo

        see i feel the longer tracks can feel a bit bloated at times, and that themata made every moment count. and the tone you dislike is a part that i prefer haha

        for me it’s themata > sound awake >asymmetry. IRL brawl is totally on the next time we meet :p

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