Hello everyone! We have a bit of a special week for you; as Noyan was unavailable, we are proud to present you with Eden’s interview of Nicholas Andrews (which goes on for more than the 30 minutes which Eden mistakenly cites in the intro because he is an egg), member of the post-metal band Dumbsaint! As Eden says in the intro, these guys are one of the most promising post metal acts around, coming right out of the dynamic Australian scene. They’re doing something pretty unique and special with their latest album, Panorama, In Ten Pieces.. In June, a full feature film will be released which serves as a companion piece to the album. It explores themes of horror, urban decay, personal instability, sexual deviance and more, all while meshing with the album’s music in intelligent ways. The two talk about the album, post metal, the Australian scene and much more!

See you next week for a regular episode and until then, don’t forget to rate us over on iTunes and leave us an (honest) review! We really appreciate it and you!

Episode 32 – [Podcast, In Ten Pieces.]

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Show notes:

Dumbsaint’s bandcamp, where you can order the album and pre-order the film.

Eden’s review of Panorama, In Ten Pieces.

A taste of the feature film, “Love Thy Neighbor”

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN



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