Yay, I get to talk about one of my favorite bands with this week’s BALLS DEEP. It’s Dark Tranquillity, with two Ls! We got a bunch of news this week, including new material and announcements from Periphery (new album teaser), Devin Townsend Project (terrible new album artwork), Rings of Saturn (signed to Nuclear Blast), The Official Zakk Wylde “Emjoi” Set (why), Rage Against The Machine (more like Prophets of Rage), Insomnium (cool concept album), Between the Buried and Me (they’re mature now), Anderson/Stolt (old school prog), Black Crown Initiate (grab Wes Hauch), Gojira (really cool new song), Sinsaenum (black metal featuring Joey Jordison, Attila Csihar and more), WRVTH (live studio video), NAILS (new song, should have spelled it NVILS to be cool (then it looks kind of like ANVILS (what happens when a band with a V in their name try to do the V-ification, like ANVILS–>VNVILS, that looks pretty weird (though it has that self-aware stupid quality to it that some bands seem to love (yes I’m intentionally dragging out these parantheses (wake me up inside)))))). We also discuss the passing of Adrian Guerra of Bell Witch, and briefly give our thoughts on the new Hatebreed which we both ended up listening to. Then the balls deep! Also, we talk about some cool stuff in the cool people section.

Episode 31 – Therein Lies The Beauty

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN

Insomnium – Weather The Storm (feat. Mikael Stanne)

My interview with Mikael

The Vorrh by Brian Catling

The Just City by Jo Walton (Eden just messaged me saying he read more and it got better after we recorded this episode)

Some dumb SnapMap bullshit, the Harvest level is at 4:10

Batman v Superman stuff


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