If you happen to venture to Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard’s Bandcamp site, they describe their music with the following:

Listening to Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard[:]
You may feel dizzy.
You may have difficulty focusing.
You may need to breathe more rapidly.
You may be subject to fits of hysterical shouting or even laughter.
You may experience a shift in consciousness.

As silly as this is meant to be, these warnings are 100% true. What MWWB brings to the field is nothing new in terms of genre; they play a heavy doom style with what seems like light psychedelic elements interspersed throughout. (Really, on paper (or a website screen) it’s not much different from, say, YOB or Electric Wizard.) However, one is hard pressed to find a band that plays heavier doom than these guys, and it doesn’t hurt that the album’s songwriting is incredibly intelligent for its genre.

I personally am not much for excessive repetition; it smacks both of laziness and poor artistry, in my opinion. I was delighted, however, to not be bored by MWWB; they know right when your brain starts getting into that this-is-boring-and-repetitious groove, and finds a way to fuck with your mind even more. What’s more the band challenges the standard of male vocals in doom metal with singer Jessica Ball, whose ethereal presence puts a more mystical, psychedelic edge to the band’s music as a whole. The only downside to this band is their lack of material. Although their debut, Noeth Ac Anoeth, is nearly an hour-long despite being only three tracks, I really want to listen to more. Much more.



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