Throneless – Cycles

In a relatively short period of time, Black Bow Records has established itself as the go-to label for doom metal of the thickly toned, impossibly heavy variety. Fronted by Conan’s own Jon Paul Davis (which shou... Read More...

Hey! Listen to Mammoth Storm!

Yes, we’re back, with even more mammoth-themed doom metal acts! Today’s band, Mammoth Storm is perhaps a bit more traditional than the previous HLT (Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard), but it’s still willing to trample all over you if you let it.

Hey! Listen to Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard!

hat MWWB brings to the field is nothing new in terms of genre; they play a heavy doom style with what seems like light psychedelic elements interspersed throughout. (Really, on paper (or a website screen) it’s not much different from, say, YOB or Electric Wizard.) However, one is hard pressed to find a band that plays heavier doom than these guys, and it doesn’t hurt that the album’s songwriting is incredibly intelligent for its genre.