Without appearing too elitist, I’d like to think I’m a thinking man’s metalhead. Even though I’d go as far as saying 90% of my time is spent listening to other genres of music. One of these specific sections of music is noise rock or “noise”. Sure, I’ll blast Behemoth or Rivers Of Nihil and fucking love it, but a dingy, basement recording of a noise trio just tickles a part of me that most music doesn’t scratch. Today’s declaration to the noise gods is Baklavaa, a band that I reckon Ziggy Sobotka would be totally into, where he around now. Or real. Today I look at their most recent release, Dane On.

Our recent Starter Kit contains some band’s that Baklavaa could and probably should tour with. Vitriolic lyrics and angular, boozy riffs are just one aspect of a band that creep around more than The Dillinger Escape Plan during a masquerade ball. Their scatterbrain, shifting approach to writing songs works unsettlingly well. Consistently breaching the three and four minute mark, there are tracks that sound like the end of the world, sitting right next to tracks that are radio friendly enough to make Baklavaa a (not quite) household name. Their music is on the right side of being disturbing enough to merit inclusion alongside the likes of Swans. Yes, the Swans. Fight me if you disagree but they are fantastic and just as great when they’re making Glassjaw sound like a bunch of freakin’ pansies.

Basically, if you’re not sold yet, when feedback and gargling, twisted bass riffs are your bread and butter, Baklavaa should be part of your morning routine. Listen to them in the shower while you run through every horrible situation you have to endure during your day. Listen to them on the way to said day, pondering just how you can make these situations more bearable. Listen to them as you turn back around, head straight home via a nearby pawn shop where you will pick up a guitar and a cheap practice amp and start your own noise rock band. Fin.

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