I have been incredibly busy outside of my presence on here as of late, and unfortunately that means less time for me to enjoy my music, especially new music that comes out this year. It seems the only time I have is when I am driving a few hours to a show on a rare off day or super late at night after a shift. Being an adult is hard sometimes, but I digress. At least I have these premieres to keep me somewhat up to date on what’s happening in the scene.

Today, I am here to present to you one hell of an album from a band called No Vale Nada, who come from France. Their album Demain (meaning “tomorrow” in French) is set to drop this Thursday, and it’s absolutely crushing. Lucky for us, we have the privilege of hosting an exclusive stream of it for your listening pleasure today, so check it out!

This album is fantastic. It’s like a mix of post-hardcore, Deftones, and Converge. It makes for an interesting and unique combination that works extremely well. The vocals are punishing and almost black metal in both delivery and their lyrics which makes for a mean album in the best possible way.

It’s very hard to describe why their sound works so well because it really shouldn’t but perhaps that is what creates an album that’s so interesting to listen to. You should definitely not sleep on this, because it’s going to be on regular rotation for a long time. You can snag the album on the 31st via Bandcamp and head to their Facebook to show your support!


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