On February 27th, 2016, Sumerian Records took over the Gramercy Theater in New York City. Opening the 10 year anniversary tour was Bad Omens, and honestly, before this tour, Bad Omens were a band that had never come up in day-to-day life. They’re kind of like a peppier, more energetic Bring Me The Horizon, but not quite there yet. Following was ERRA, and they just recently snagged TJ Cavey from Texas In July, and he seems like a great fit so far. ERRA always kill it live and it’s definitely always good to see them perform. After them was After The Burial, and having just released Dig Deep, their first album since the passing of their guitarist Justin Lowe, they took that stage like they owned it, and it felt like Justin was with them, just like old times. Although, what was disappointing about their set was that they played for maybe 20 minutes, when they easily deserved a longer time slot. Following was Veil Of Maya, and everyone knows that Veil Of Maya put on one hell of an explosive show. Between guitarist Marc Okubo jumping around while playing intricate riffs, to vocalist Lukas Magyar belting his lungs out, etc. They played a slightly longer set than the 3 bands before, roughly a 35-40 minutes total. Finally, concluding the night was Born Of Osiris. Now, you would think that a band like, The Faceless (who were the first Sumerian band) or maybe even Periphery to headline, but that wasn’t the case. Born Of Osiris always put on an entertaining show to say the least, but there definitely could be something more. Although, second vocalist Joe Buras does interact with the crowd more. Enjoy the pictures below!

Bad Omens


After the Burial

Veil of Maya

Born of Osiris

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