Tread The Path of Might Once Again With Chapels To the West

A while ago, we told you to listen to Path of Might. Let me refresh your memory: the riffs are insane. The vocals are all raspy glory. The drums are mountains collapsing. The name of the game is stoner metal and good one at that, perhaps some of the best we've heard in a while. Near the end of that post, we mentioned that, unlike their sister band White Fire, they were very much alive and that more material was coming. Well, lo and behold! As this editor rose from his slumber an email was waiting from Bandcamp: "Path of Might just released Chapels to the West [EP], check it out here". Of course, being the Internet Metal Nerd that I am, I complied immediately and boy, was I pleased.

Hey! Listen To White Fire!

Produced like a rock album, by rock musicians, the drum sounds, delayed guitars and meaty bass tones make these tracks snap, crackle and pop like very little else. There's a big stoner vibe on some of this material but it's never overdone, partly in thanks to the dual vocal attack that wails and screeches over these big distorted passages.