Eden’s back! That’s good, because we have a lot of news to cover this week. David Bowie‘s passing is obviously on our agenda, as is Stereogum’s analysis of Nielsen’s music report, Textures‘s new single, Obscura‘s new single, and the Behemoth/Myrkur U.S. tour. Then we go into the in depth discussions of the week, the first being my overall review of System of a Down‘s career as a whole, since I discovered them last year, and the second being accents of singers who aren’t native English speakers and how that affects their music. Don’t forget the off topic section at the end as well!

Episode 13: They’re Trying To Build A Podcast

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN

Eden’s Heavy Rewind on Sieges Even

Confessions of a Heretic, Nergal’s biography

Solstafir – Otta

Stam1na – Valtiaan uudet vaateet

Maximum the Hormone – A L I E N

Leander Kills – Szerelmetlen dal

Leander Rising – Lojetek Fel

Orphaned Land – Halo Dies

MTV’s Shannara Chronicles

Syfy’s The Magicians

Jim Butcher – The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass



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  1. Yanai Sened

    Good episode. Couple of points where I really wanted to chime in:
    – When you talk about Bowie – you mention so many stuff he did, I just wanted to add – he dubbed an episode of Sponebob Squarepants. ‘Nuff said.
    – About the whole “becoming your worst enemy” stuff, I’m tempted to quote Bowie actually, in “Changes”, where there’s both the line:
    “Look out, you rock n’ roller, pretty soon now, you’re going to get older”
    “And these children that you spit on as they try to change their world, are immune to your consultation, they’re quite aware what they’re going through” (Ch-ch-ch-changes!)
    So, I think it’s ok that there are concepts the younger me felt kinda strong about at sometime and I am now kinda “meh” about it. It’s about growing up and thinking more complex, but also about comprimising, because I had to. I think younger me should’ve been mad about those things, and so should current me, I just no longer have that energy.
    – Now, about this bringing change, I obviously don’t have the statistics, but let me tell you a story. I did join the army when I was young, and my political psyche was kinda dormant so I don’t know if I would’ve or wouldn’t have done the same today, but there was a very critical point where there was a lot of pressure on me to go to a course and become an officer, and I’ll never forget that one of the officers trying to convince me pushed me for an answer of why I shouldn’t do it, I answered: “Because you can’t listen to ‘Rage Against the Machine’ in officer’s course”. And as consideration commenced, I was about to say “yes”, and I remember the bicycle ride to my base, I listened to Rage Against the Machine the whole time, and when I got to the base I was like: “I can’t be an officer, I HATE the army”, and I have no doubts that Rage Against the Machine’s music effected this choice which was really personally important to me. So I think you’re right in that they can’t write a politically sound manifesto and debate it in song, but insofar as they allowed me, through music and/or good lyrics, to connect to my emotions about politics, they were very influential.

    Thanks for the podcast, keep going plz!


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