Welcome to the first episode of 2016! This week we talk about a few news items from the tail end of 2016, including Tommy Lee of Motley Crue’s roller-coaster drumkit getting stuck in midair, the return of the mighty Sum 41 (totally not sarcastic), new Aegaeon, the upcoming After the Burial album, and the $150 million Spotify lawsuit, and Lemmy’s passing. Then we talk about our anticipated 2016 releases, and we go into our usual discussion sessions where we talk about metal covers of non-metal songs or older metal songs, lyrical themes (political versus emotional), and more. We also decided to turn the end-of-cast video game/movie/TV chat into a regular thing!

Episode 11: The Gift Of 2016 Music

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN

Ihsahn – Mass Darkness

Obscura – Sermon of the Seven Suns

A Sense of Gravity – Travail – our review of it

Dream Theater – The Gift of Music

Gojira feat. Devin Townsend & Fredrik Thordendal – Of Blood And Salt


Satellite Reign

Sunless Sea

Darkest Dungeon

Into the Badlands



2 Responses

  1. karlo

    I’m going to have to disagree with you both over Gojira – L’Enfant Sauvage was a great album, and for me it’s their best release after From Mars to Sirius.

    you guys spoke about lyrics for quite some time, and at the end made a slightly tangential reference to the importance of printed lyrics when harsh vocals are often difficult/near impossible to make out. that begs the question, what are your thoughts on the relevance of lyrics in genres such as death metal, where the majority of the vocals will be screamed or growled. without a doubt, there are many death metal bands which write truly fantastic lyrics, but they dont get anywhere near as much exposure as a piece with clean vocals would. generally speaking im not really one to pay too much attention to the lyrics of a song or album, even more so if it’s primarily harsh vocals, and it’s usually only something ill dig into if i chance to make something out which really resonates with me

    • Nayon

      I think the Gojira thing is a matter of different expectations from the band.

      As for lyrics in death metal and their relevance, depends on the band’s outlook really. Dark Tranquillity have some of my favorite lyrics of all time, and Mikael Stanne is pretty good at enunciation. You can usually tell when a band actually cares about their lyrics, and then you can start paying attention to them. Personally, I’m an instruments guy first so that’s what I look at for the most part.

      That was a train of thought with no conclusion, but yeah. Usually better lyricists also try to enunciate better and generally you can tell from the vibe of the band.


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