As you could probably guess, this week is all about discussing our favorite albums from 2015. However, we decided to have a few special guests also discuss their top 10

8 years ago

As you could probably guess, this week is all about discussing our favorite albums from 2015. However, we decided to have a few special guests also discuss their top 10 albums from the year, and why they placed where they did. This week, we have not one, but all five dudes from Wrvth, who’s latest record made it onto our top 50, and rightfully so! Each member picked two records they really loved this year. Check out their picks below!

Marcus Vasquez (Guitar)


More often than not, bands of their kind go in a more minimalistic direction following their break out album. In Deafheaven’s case, they dived deeper into their metal roots. Going back to their “Roads to Judah” style with darker and more aggressive passages, all while maintaining the ‘post’ aspect that was established on “Sunbather.” Favorite tracks: Come Back, Brought To The Water, Baby Blue


This album follows a very droney and dreamlike mood. Almost like an overcast day at the beach. I loved what they did on previous albums like Floral Green and Shed but this album was a whole new realm they hadn’t unlocked. They managed to reinvent themselves in a very matured and well seasoned way and I couldn’t be more stoked to see which direction they go in next. Favorite tracks: Your Pain is Mine Now, Chlorine, Dizzy

Thomas Vasquez (Vocals)


Our good friends from Arizona released this awesome EP this past year. It was a huge progression from their previous work and they added another guitar player which adds to their live performance and overall sound. Lyrically and musically this was my favorite release this year. The song “Nothing” hits you in all the right feels.


I came across this band on Run For Cover youtube channel. I like how they blend acoustic/indie/sub pop sounds all together. Its a cool record to listen to while driving or wanna be lost in your thoughts. The video for “Thou Shall Not Murder” is pretty awesome.

Joseph Serrano (Drums)


I remember I bought this album right when it came out. I loved the hits from his older album, so I knew this album had to offer something fresh. I was right! The beats on this album are so sick! I can say Kendrick is one of the few rappers out right now that I can listen to on a daily basis.


I also bought this album right when it came out. It’s been great seeing these guys “grow” since 2008. The drummer was 12 years old at that time and I believe the rest of the dudes weren’t even 18. Their releases from 2008 – 2014 have consistently been favorites, and that trend continues with their newest release. Basically, Chon is one of my favorite bands ever.

Jeremy Larsen (Guitar)


This band is honestly one of the coolest and most diverse hardcore bands I can think of. This album has almost everything I love in music, it’s Dark and dissonant, beautiful and melodic, jazzy and ambient, groovy rhythms and plenty of awesome riffs throughout the album. I highly recommend listening to these dudes!


When I had first listened to this band they were exactly what I had been looking for. For post black metal fans I would say this band is totally worth checking out. You can hear classical influences within their ambient sound and really cool leads that create the atmosphere in this album. Down tempo ‘posty’ sounding clean parts to agressive chord strumming and blast beats are all throughout this album as well. You can feel the intensity from their vocalist yet it’s not too upfront to drown out the other sounds in the mix. A very solid album.

Taylor Preston (Bass)


Envy may not have reinvented themselves on this release, but it’s a solid album either way. I’ve been listening to Envy for quite a while now and they are one of my most influential bands. I love their sound, and the production is just beautiful on Atheist’s Cornea.


I’m not an Odd Future Fan, but I checked this album out to see what the most promising member had to offer. This release really clicked with me. Its dark, minimalistic and dreary. I think it helps that Tyler the Creator is nowhere to be found on this release, because he obviously would have tainted the vision that was presented and executed on this release.

Stay tuned! We have one more guest list to come this week!


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