Good afternoon, fellow Heavy Bloggers! Once again, I am here bearing a lovely little gift for you! Today I have the pleasure of premiering a brand new track from progressive metal band Delvoid out of Oslo, Norway. If you have been paying attention recently, you’ll know that we’re all huge fans of so-called “nordic prog”, and bands like Leprous and Solefald are examples of why the genre is really so unique and so full of great acts! Delvoid has a range of influences, from Karnivool to Tool, and you can stream their new track below!

The song has a really eerie vibe to it, and parts of it sound very doom-influenced, particularly in the vocals reminiscent of harmonic chanting for the majority of the song. The band seem to pride themselves on experimenting with their influences and forming a unique package, which they truly do. The song has a tribal, almost cult-ish feel to it, and mental images that I conjure up while listening are those of cults like Jonestown, with masses of people all blindly following their false messiah. At any rate, if you like nordic prog, then you’ll enjoy this track, and you’ll surely enjoy the whole record as well. The record, entitled Serene, will be released towards the end of October. Follow the band on Facebook!



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