Last month we premiered a live performance of NYC’s So Hideous performing “Yesteryear,” the lead track off of their upcoming sophomore album Laurestine. Today we’re pleased to premiere another live track off of the album following the release of their second single, “Relinquish” (which you can be sure we’ll be covering in Singled Out later today). You can have a peek at that below!

“Relinquish” is the third track off of Laurestine, and it’s hands-down one of the highlights off of the album, displaying the full force of the band’s heavy post-metal muscle. In particular, when combined with the following track “The Keepsake,” it makes for one of the best post-rock moments of the year.

Laurestine is out October 16, and you are most certainly going to want to pick it up and listen to it then. In the meantime, check out our interview with So Hideous songwriter/guitarist Brandon Cruz, and keep your eyes out for our review of Laurestine in the coming weeks.



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