Singled Out (9/19 – 9/25): New Music From The Hell, Cryptopsy, Myrkur, and More!

Singled Out is our weekly column to round-up the singles and new tracks from the past week dropped by bands we cover. Consider this our weekly mix to help keep

9 years ago

Singled Out is our weekly column to round-up the singles and new tracks from the past week dropped by bands we cover. Consider this our weekly mix to help keep you all on top of the latest releases from across the metallic and progressive spectrums. Read past entries here, and go on ahead below to get Singled Out!

Arkaik – “Awaken the I”

Arkaik have been one of the most consistently exciting bands to emerge from Unique Leader Records’ extensive and brutal catalog over the past few years, no doubt about it. This California-based group has had to deal with several member changes since the release of the amazing 2012 album Metamorphignition, but is now finally poised to release Lucid Dawn on October 30th and have proven with “Awaken The I” that they haven’t lost any of their fervor. Arkaik is still working within their typical framework of hyper-speed drumming, intricate alt-picking riffs and Suffocation¬-esque, chunky brutality (which you’ll still get an overwhelming amount of here, don’t worry). But they’ve also thrown in an even heavier emphasis on groove with this track, which makes it a clear choice for leaking it first and getting their audience hooked in with such thunderous moments. While this isn’t exactly a departure for the band and seems like a very logical continuation of their style, it’s an absolutely relentless song that should lay the groundwork for something much greater.

-Kit Brown

Cryptopsy – “Detritus (The One They Kept)”

At this point, whether you have gripes with singer Matt McGachy or not, you can’t deny that Cryptopsy are back full force making great tech death. Their self-titled 2012 album was solid, and Detritus (the one they kept) from their upcoming EP The Book of Suffering – Tome 1 sounds great. With a lot of frantic riffing, clearly audible bass shenanigans, blast beats, guitar trills and just overall blazing fast playing, Detritus cements its place among Cryptopsy’s catalogue as yet another exceptional song. The groovy/atmospheric middle section also provides some rich texture that a lot of over-the-top bands miss out on by not providing contrast to their more extreme elements. So far, so good, and it seems like the EP is going to be something to look out for.

-Noyan Tokgozoglu

Fit for an Autopsy – “Murder in the First”

Three tracks into this new Fit For An Autopsy record before it’s release and already I’m leaving aside a pretty high up slot for it. Hellbound was a fucking treat on the ears and so is “Murder In The First”. More sociopolitical lyrics are lashed over tar thick guitars grooving themselves over manic percussion, as per. My colleague and go-to for deathcore conversation thinks that FFAA are doing the genre a great service by sticking these Gojira influences out and to the center and I have to agree. Even the lyrics in all these new tracks have taken on a touch of the Gojira side of life.
“Dear devil. I fucking quit. You can have this world. It’s a piece of shit” Shame, that line is just a tad too long for a back print t-shirt.

-Matt MacLennan

The Hell – “Sick”

Slap my ass and call me Simon Handmaker, The Hell are back with another infectious dose of their groove laden banter. Nothing much has changed since Groovehammer smashed cunts and greebos worldwide, it’s still The Hell. “Sick” has some of the most obnoxiously cheesy lines and vocal hooks and I fucking love ’em. Every punchy kick drum fill really snaps things together and Black Mist keeps doing what he does; this time with some cock rock inspired falsetto in tow. This bunch of dicks are the modern future of hardcore music but the world doesn’t know it yet. The band your children will ask you about seeing at Wembley during Band Aid 2020. Enter Brutopia.

-Matt MacLennan

Man Made God – “Goliath”

This is some pretty dope deathcore from Nevada. There are keys and synths, blasts and breaks. Imagine Rings Of Saturn without super quantizing and a bit more natural fluidity in their song structures and you’ll get “Goliath”. I really like the added elements outwith the guitar, bass, percussion set up; too many bands are throwing electronics in at the drop of a hat, only to let them overshadow everything else. Here is a fine example of deathcore going the way of Behemoth and symphonic death metal, without ever losing what makes it deathcore at heart. Fully mechanized drums and slamming vocals are fun as fuck when they’re thrown together correctly and there are some moments of sheer depravity here too. Man Made God and their sci-fi sounds have done good, expect more when their album drops.

-Matt MacLennan

Myrkur – “Den Lille Piges Død (The Little Girl’s Death)”

It’s rather odd that Myrkur would release a new single right after an album and not have that single contained within the album, but it’s great music available for free, so who cares? Den Lille Piges Død (The Little Girl’s Death) starts with vocal harmonies echoing ethereally in Myrkur’s now-trademark way, but soon it turns into something much more, as the song goes full blast beat and tremolo picking. There’s an epic quality to this song similar to viking metal, with its upbeat riffing. Soon after, it turns a bit more sinister, and gives way to an ominous piano interlude. The song finally ends with a climax of all the elements coming together, and we’re left with the thought that, yet again, Myrkur are just absolute masters of atmosphere. You can download it for free via Adult Swim.

-Noyan Tokgozoglu

Kyle Gaddo

Published 9 years ago