On yet another trek across the US, having wrapped up a tour with Dark Tranquillity earlier this year [photos], the massively melodic Swedes known as Insomnium took to the road in an economic fashion with mates Omnium Gatherum for whom Markus Vanhala also plays guitar.

Unfortunately, vocalist/bassist Niilo Sevänen could not join the band on tour, because he was quote-unquote “being a real man” and taking care of certain things back home in Sweden (more on that here), so band friend Mike Bear (Artisan, Prototype) was filling in on those duties. Nick Cordle (Sanctuary, ex-Arch Enemy, ex-Arsis) was also filling in on guitar duties during Ville Friman‘s absence. Still, 50% of a band is better than no band at all, so rather than cancelling the tour all together, they managed to get on the road as best they could!

And what a show! Please enjoy the pictures below during their stop in the Chicagoland area at The Tree of Joliet where Heavy Blog friends Mordatorium opened the show!


Omnium Gatherum


For more from this photographer, katebackdrops

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