It’s been a while since we told you about NOK NOVUM. They are with out a doubt one of the emerging names in the progressive scene, straddling the border between djent, classic prog and modern metal. The last time we met them, they were being masters at their instruments in a very well shot and edited, full band playthrough. Luckily for us, this is exactly the same tack the band have chosen again; the video for “Ghost Farmer” is a pleasure to both watch and hear, and it might just be better than the last masterpiece, “Shiryō”. It features all sort of cool things and a composition that definitely adds something to the last track’s style, with a heady and clever middle section. Head on over the jump for the exclusive premiere!


You had me at hello. The opening riffs are astounding, with that chunky yet well placed bass giving everything a mean tone that is just irresistible. However ,the fun truly starts when the middle section kicks in; you’ll recognize it by the amazing saxophone part performed by Gareth Hughes, a Calgary local who brings the groove on, real time. The most amazing thing is perhaps how this quiet and soul filled passage ends: the blast beats that usher in the third act of this track are insanely on point, dispelling the slightly dreamy tone that the middle passage contained.

Nor are NOK NOVUM quite done. The closing moments of this track are heavy as all hell, full bodied bass under a barrage of guitar wails and heavy riffs. It’s just as good as the rest of the track, even if it’s a little less complicated; simple parts performed this well are just as good as technical, over the top passages. The guitar tone deserves a special shout out, thanks to Eduardo Apolonia who was in charge of re-amping these beautiful guitars.

End of the day, NOK NOVUM were and continue to be a meteoric name, on the fast track for success. We hope to keep supporting this amazing act as they near a second, full release. I have no idea if they’re actually recording one but I’m going to do my best to pressure them into doing that. You hear me, NOK NOVUM? LP, now!



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