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Any time Relapse Records sign a new act, I’m obligated to stop what I’m doing and immediately take a listen. The label has been called home to so

9 years ago

Any time Relapse Records sign a new act, I’m obligated to stop what I’m doing and immediately take a listen. The label has been called home to so many classics and launched so many legendary careers that honestly, at this point, it’s worth it to do whatever you can to attempt to get in on the ground floor of fresh acts. Granted, the label must have signed over a dozen new acts in the past year, but odds still have it that you’re experiencing acts that need to be kept up with.

The latest email we’ve received from Relapse concerns Florida based noise rock group WRONG. Relapse scooped the band up after the four piece released their debut EP STOP GIVING and hit the road with (surprise!) Relapse artists Torche and Nothing. Unsurprisingly, WRONG’s loud and fuzzy riff-oriented approach fits right at home with the type of scene that Relapse have been increasingly fostering over the last couple of years.

WRONG frontman and guitarist Eric Hernandez comments on the band’s signing:

“We have way too much fun. We all grew up together listening to the same music, playing in the same bands, talking all the same shit, etc.. So when we decided lets just get together and play what we’ve always wanted to play, it’s just fun. We really like what we do. All of sudden we’re hitting the road for a second time in late June 2015, and it’s with our boys House of Lightning.Relapse has been around almost as long as we’ve been into music. Not just putting out the some of the most extreme riffs out there, but working with some of the best bands doing it then, and right now. In other words, it feels right going with Relapse for our first LP. They get what we like to do, so we’re going to keep doing it. After all, it’s damn good fun.”

The band will enter PineCrest studios in Gainsville Florida on August 18th. Until then, stream STOP GIVING below and catch the band on the road with House of Lightning.

June 19 • Backbooth • Orlando, FL
June 20 • Churchill’s Pub • Miami, FL
June 21 • Crowbar • Tampa, FL
June 22 • The Earl • Atlanta, GA
June 23 • TBA • Nashville, TN
June 24 • Hi-Tone • Memphis, TN
June 25 • Stickyz Rock N Roll Chicken Shack • Little Rock, AR
June 26 • Soundpony • Tulsa, OK
June 27 • FUBAR • St. Louis, MO
June 28 • Kirby’s Beer Store • Wichita, KS
June 29 • Flux Capacitor • Colorado Springs, CO
June 30 • Club Metro • Salt Lake City, UT
July 1 • Crazy Horse • Boise, ID

August 2 • Harlow’s • Sacramento, CA
August 3 • All Star Lanes • Los Angeles, CA
August 4 • Que Sera • Long Beach, CA
August 5 • Rebel Lounge • Phoenix, AZ
August 6 • TBA • El Paso, TX
August 7 • Paper Tiger • San Antonio, TX
August 8 • Mohawk • Austin, TX
August 9 • Three Links • Dallas, TX
August 10 • Siberia • New Orleans, LA
August 11 • The Atlantic • Gainesville, FL
August 12 • Churchill’s Pub • Miami, FL

Jimmy Rowe

Published 9 years ago