Some bands from my childhood I have outgrown or maybe go back to once in a blue moon. Rammstein are one of the latter. When I need something epic and crushing, Mutter is a go to album for obvious reasons. The Germans look to be heading into the studio this year to begin the recording process for the much awaited follow up to 2009’s Liebe ist für alle da. The “shock” rockers have a global following that most bands can only dream of, so this news should put some filthy smiles on some heavily made up faces. Get over the jump to find out what we know so far.

At this point we’re relying on the words of Peter Tägtgren (Pain/Hypocrisy) who recently released an album with Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann (aptly titled Lindemann). Read Tägtgren’s statement below:

“I think we’re going to keep on writing! Till is going to go back to Rammstein in September to begin pre-production stuff and he says that it usually takes two years from when they start until the album is done.

For me, I don’t know! I have no clue! As soon as all the promotion is over, I’m going to sit down and then think if I should do another Pain album? Another Hypocrisy album? Or should I keep writing for Lindemann? Right now, I have so many ideas for the Lindemann project.”

Does this mean we will have to wait until 2017 to hear a new Rammstein album? I really hope not. That would mean eight years passing between records. To be fair, any other band and you’d be forgiven for worrying if they would fall out of favour with a gap that long between releases. Rammstein should be pretty safe though. The closest thing we have on this planet to a real life Dethklok should be blowing our minds and covering us with fake bodily fluids soon. We’ll keep you informed.

Seeing as we have a considerable wait on our hands, please find enclosed below my favourite Rammstein song. Sonne still gives me goosebumps. It’s impossible not to want to mosh to that riff.




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