On the 20th anniversary of the release of their classic Demanufacture album, Fear Factory will be releasing Genexus, their first on Nuclear Blast Records. While many have shunned the industrial metal kingpins, they have yet to be become irrelevant and with the release of the first single from the new album, “Soul Hacker”, they prove that they still have what it takes to bring the two clashing worlds of industrial and metal together. Get over the jump to listen to what Bell, Cazares and co. have to offer.


“Soul Hacker” is fucking heavy. Not since “Cyberwaste” have I found myself wanting to get back on a stringed instrument to smash out mechanical metal riffs. Bell’s trademark man versus machine themes are here, as are the low end riffs of Cazares; a man who never really hit the same heights on any of his subsequent projects after leaving the Factory. Fat grooves and cold leads mesh so well with Bell’s clean vocals and the ever present layers of synths.

I’m excited about a Fear Factory release for the first time in a decade and this is no mean feat. I count myself pretty cynical when it comes to new releases from bands of the last generation but Genexus could firmyl put me in my place. You can preorder Genexus here before the official release on August 7th. It’s time to fight the machines again people.



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