I have an enormous and little-discussed soft spot in my heart for any metal that incorporates symphonics. Metal is an epic, soaring genre and symphonic elements add such a visceral, powerful nature to that sound. The music is supposed to make me feel, dammit! It’s so much more emotive and in-your-face when there’s a rip-roaring string section in the background, real or synth, that’s tearing it up. Good examples would include bands like Nexilva, Native Construct, and the band I want to tell you all to listen to today, Assemble The Chariots. Learn more about this great symphonic band after the jump.

Assemble The Chariots plays a slightly-blackened techy style of symphonic deathcore, incorporating fast tremolo picks, chugs, and hypertechnical leads into a healthy base of symphonic synthwork that leaves nothing except the feeling of craving more. The tracks have a soaring, epic vibe that blow many established bands out of the water, even though to this day the group has only nine tracks out across three releases. Take the best elements of Emperor and Born of Osiris, throw in a good dose of djent-style rhythmic chugs, and you’re set: the blend is instantly appealing and powerful.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2706384444 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=e99708 tracklist=false artwork=small track=700080666]

Even across the small smattering of tracks, the sound is recognizably different from just about everything going on in extreme metal: the only band that comes close to this, sonically, is the aforementioned Nexilva, who pulls off the same blackened technical symphonic deathcore shredfest with aplomb. Starting off with this selected track, for instance, the sound starts off suitably epic and follows suit quite well with a mid-paced deathcore riff that would allow for maximum live crowdkilling. In comes the sweeping lead to place it all together, and you’re set: if you ever wanted to watch something like the battle of Minas Tirith while metal played in the background, I do believe this would serve best as the soundtrack.



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