Even if you don’t believe in evolution on a grand scale, instead putting your faith in a god that designed the Earth intelligently, it’s hard to deny that bands evolve over time, especially when proof such as the new single from Aussie melodic metalcore group Parkway Drive sits in front of us today. The song is practically begging to be the new poster boy for this very topic. Check it out after the jump.


This new song, “Vice Grip”, is bizarre, honestly. It sounds like a mixture between the over-the-top arena rock of a band like Bon Jovi and the typical hardcore-leaning vocals of the Parkway Drive of yore. It’s an interesting combination of styles that would be unexpected under really any circumstances.

The music itself is pretty decent for what’s basically radio rock with screaming vocals: the melodies are fun and the choruses are catchy. It’s a fun song from the band, even if the sound itself is absolutely baffling. The only thing that’s really for sure is that no matter, this album is going to turn heads and divide the fanbase. I’m sure there will be arguing and yelling between fans new and old, but that’s to be expected when a band goes out on a limb like this.

Overall, it’s hard to say what the future of the band holds if their new album sounds like this. Maybe other tracks are vintage mosh-heavy Parkway Drive, and this is something new they’re trying, something far more anthemic? Or will we soon see this group blossom into a radio-friendly act a la Bring Me The Horizon? Either way, we’ll be watching closely.



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