Hello, all! Welcome to another exciting update regarding the Brian Shields Memorial Tour Fund! I know I said I’d have an update for you “next Monday” (as in a Monday from 5/11/15), but that clearly didn’t happen. So here’s a Monday update!

Things are a-movin’ and a-shakin’ behind the scenes. First up: Perk fulfillment! For details, grab it all behind the cut!

If you haven’t downloaded the tribute album in honor of Brian’s memory, better get in there:
[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=624923271 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=9a64ff tracklist=false artwork=small]

We’re currently waiting on final word regarding fulfillment for all The Contortionist goodies, but those should be coming soon. The Omega Experiment album (currently titled The Omega Experiment II) is still being written and recorded, so anyone who pledged for that, please be patient. It’s sounding awesome, however. To our one person who pledged for the custom picks, you should have been put in touch already. If you have not, get in touch right away.

To anyone who pledged for lessons, you should have been put in touch with your instructor by now. If not, get in touch.

To our one person who pledged for custom logo design, if you have not been put in touch with artist Mike Graziano—you guessed it—reach out and talk to us.

Questions or concerns regarding the above should be directed to: [email protected] and you shall be redirected as necessary.

Lastly, to our people who donated for shirts…Look what we got!



I should be shipping these out sometime this week (today through Thursday morning), but I am incredibly busy with preparations for E3 (the Electronics & Entertainment Expo) in LA for my own site, Save/Continue. If for some reason they don’t get shipped out this week, that’s my bad and they will be in the mail as soon as I return on the evening of the 19th.

With all that said, we are finally culminating to the delicious fruit of our endeavor: The band submission and selection process.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how things will pan out:

  • The submission form is completed and all the questions and requirements are in place.
  • Band submissions will be open from 9:00am EST on June 15th, 2015 to 11:59pm EST on July 15th, 2015. A post with all the details will be supplied here on Heavy Blog is Heavy.
  • Band selections by our committee will take place from July 16th, 2015 to August 1st, 2015.
  • Committee members will then submit their Top 2 bands from their personal pool for collective deliberation beginning on August 1st or 2nd of 2015.
  • The two (2) winners of the Brian Shields Memorial Tour Fund loans will be announced on or after August 15th, 2015, but not to exceed August 20th, 2015.
  • The possibility of two (2) runner-up bands is being considered, should the first two (2) bands run into problems executing their tour.
  • Band submissions may be capped at our discretion. If we receive an overwhelming amount, we may close off submissions temporarily or permanently. We are but human.
  • The contract between Heavy Blog is Heavy (since we’re acting as a benefactor for the loans) and the winning bands (as the recipient of the loans) will be made publicly available, so there are no surprises about what anyone is signing or agreeing to.
  • Upon winning, bands will receive the funds in whatever way is most convenient to both parties.

That seems to be it for now!

Bands, stay tuned for next Monday.

-KG, Heavy Blog, & Wings Denied


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