You know how back on Monday, I said that the new Ghost album would be probably be more doomy than either of their other two? Turns out I was right on the money. Courtesy of someone that shot a few live videos of one of Ghost’s most recent shows, we now have some pretty decent footage of a couple new tracks off of the upcoming August release Meliora, as well as a live video of the single that went live Friday, “Cirice”. Check the vids out after the jump.




The new songs are “From The Pinnacle To The Pit” and “Majesty”, the 2nd and 7th tracks from the album, respectively. The video is standard concert fare, all lights and cheering crowds, and the songs are sometimes hard to discern over the bassy speakers, but such is concert video.

The tracks sound fantastic; I’m excited to have the opportunity to hear their studio versions come August. They sound slower and a lot riffier than Ghost has been in the past, which I personally think is great. As a huge fan of doom metal, I’m ecstatic to see them move towards that end of their sound more. That being said, if they abandon their progressive rock side, they could lose a lot of the stuff that make their combination so dynamic and interesting-yet-digestible. It’s a tossup, but I’m an optimistic guy and I’m sure that no matter what, the album will be fantastic.

Meliora comes out August 8th. Stay tuned, as there’s surely more info to be had from the Ghost camp before it drops.



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