Pyrrhon - Growth Without End

Even though they just dealt with being dropped by Relapse Records, Brooklyn’s Pyrrhon have been hard at work on their upcoming EP Growth Without End, which is slated for a June 2nd release on Handshake Inc. It’s an absolutely terrifying yet incredibly confident piece of work which shows the band further expanding on their chaotic-yet-calculated style of atonal death metal. The band just put up the EP’s opening track “Cancer Mantrayesterday via Noisey, and the results are nothing less than terrifying.

While it might not be a huge shift in the direction for the band, it’s nice to see Pyrrhon honing their craft and concocting shorter songs that are just as dense as anything off of their 2014 LP, The Mother of Virtues. The entire new EP is under 20 minutes long but packs in more riffs and time-changes than most other technical acts in the game, and vocalist Doug Moore’s incessant mantra of “always keep growing and changing” should give you nightmares for months to come. You can preorder Growth Without End at this location, and make sure to check out this live footage of the band opening with “Cancer Mantra” back in June of last year!


And watch our live video of the band performing “Invisible Injury” from an earlier date!


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