Even though they have been on hiatus for five years now (holy crap, it’s been that long?!), Porcupine Tree have no shortage of material. It makes it a lot easier to swallow when a band that is going to be taking an extended break has a huge catalogue of music, both live and studio albums. With Steven Wilson taking much of his time touring and recording for his solo project, only time will tell when the band will get back together. However, yesterday the band announced that they would be reissuing their amazing live DVD Anesthetize,  and I am super excited. More details after the jump!

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The live album will this time be a 2CD/DVD release with the DVD as a Blu-Ray release, which means the quality will be higher than the original. The release will also include two CDs of the performance, which is really awesome. It was originally only meant for the special edition, but popular demand has likely led to the reissue that includes the CDs as a standard part of the package. Preorder links can be found here for the full package, here for just the Blu-Ray, and here for the digital version. So please, do yourself a favor and go preorder this so that when it releases on May 25th you can experience one of the best live CDs to ever happen to progressive music.



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