We’ve already posted about how the Deftones have been hard at work on their upcoming album and how it should be coming out September 25th, but they’re still killing it out on the road too! The band has been performing at a few one-off dates in California and just finished a massive performance in Las Vegas as part of their take on the famous Rock in Rio festival.

Want to see professional footage of that set? Of course you do! Just head on down below and get wrecked by Chino and friends.


Unfortunately, the band isn’t playing any new material just yet, but this is a great way to recap the band’s previous album cycle and give you a chance to see what they’ve been up to the past few years. Whether you’re into their older, alt-metal days or their newer and spacier side, there’s material here from all parts of their discography.

Chino Moreno also revealed in an interview the other day that the new album would feature a guitar solo by none other than Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell! Moreno was doing an interview with 92.3 KOMP-FM and said that “It’s just awesome. You’re hearing a Deftones song, but then a little bit of Alice in Chains and it’s kind of neat. Me, as a fan, I was just kicked back with a little tear coming out of my eye.” If you aren’t hyped on the album now, I don’t know what else it will take! We’ll be back with any future updates that may arise.


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