Lorna Shore - Grimoire vid

I love deathcore. Like many others, it was a feeder genre for me to move away from the rapidly declining metalcore scene and further into death metal and other extreme avenues of terror. For every truly abysmal deathcore record released there is one worth looking out for and Lorna Shore look set to release one of them. “Grimoire” is the first track to be released from their upcoming debut Psalms and it arrives on the back of an entirely safe for work, performance based video. Peep it after the jump.


Lorna Shore are maybe one or two years late in arriving with their blackened deathcore debut but “Grimoire” still has enough meat on it to merit a looksee. Breakdowns and bass drops take a back seat (mostly) to screeched black metal vocals and fleeting moments of sweeping guitar widdling. Don’t get me wrong, the breakdowns in this song are probably still the coolest part, especially that last one. Basically, if you can deal with processed vocals and endless images of trees then you will probably like this video.

We’ll have a full review of Psalms up shortly but until then, make your own mind up about another deathcore band to release an album in 2015. Let’s be honest, it’s certainly going to be better than that stinking Oceano record. You can preorder Psalms here, with the album due for release on June 9th.



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