A Troop Of Echoes are a noisy and beautiful post-rock band. Combining a structure that builds in a way similar to other post-rock outfits like Russian Circles or Godspeed, You! Black Emperor, A Troop Of Echoes brings to the forefront a combination of mournful horns and timbrous guitars into a lush, potent combination that truly embodies the Latin phrase that is the motto of my home state, New Mexico: crescit eundo.

The phrase, meaning, “it grows as it goes”, is the most apt way to describe this band, and they grow across each track from sparse, empty sounds into a truly stellar suite of sounds. And it is for this reason that I am happy to announce that we are premiering, for your listening pleasure, the track ‘Arecibo’ from their new album The Longest Year On Record.

Starting off as a brass-only dirge and growing into a ponderous giant of a song across the almost seven minute runtime, ‘Arecibo’ quickly grows on the listener. The sound is truly cinematic in many ways- the lilting opening leads into emotionally powerful progressions, and almost cosmically serene moments mingle with the crashing of the drums and the whines of the guitar.

Recently, A Troop Of Echoes did a great interview with The Huffington Post — check it out here. In it, they talk about their love of music, where they eat on the road, and what it’s like being in a regularly-touring band without roadies.

The Longest Year On Record will be released independently on May 19th.


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