Thy Art Is Murder

Earlier this month we told you that brand new Thy Art Is Murder was on the way via their next album, Holy War. The band decided over the weekend it was time to reveal the album art and tracklist for the record. You can check both of them out after the jump.

Thy Art Is Murder - Holy War Cover

1. Absolute Genocide
2. Light Bearer
3. Holy War
4. Coffin Dragger
5. Fur and Claw
6. Deliver Us to Evil
7. Emptiness
8. Violent Reckoning
9. Child of Sorrow
10. Naked and Cold
11. Vengeance (Bonus Track – initial CD pressings and vinyl only)

I was hoping for another t-shirt worthy album art, because I’m still wearing my Hate tee with pride and it’s getting a little worn out. However, this album art conveys a much more serious tone than the legendary art for Hate, but we probably knew it would because of the title. Just because I can’t sport it wherever I go, doesn’t mean the music won’t be worthy of shoving in random bystanders faces.


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