Over the haze that was the amazing 2014, several albums might have gotten lost. That’s a damn shame, since some of them are downright excellent. HARK‘s Crystalline might be one of them. Releasing somewhere in the middle of that fantastic year, its breed of sludge, groove and power is one that I for one wouldn’t like to forget. And so, the band are helping me out by releasing a killer video for the opening track, ‘Palendromeda’. Head on over the jump to refresh your memory as to how good these guys really are.


That main bass line, right? The entire song is just so full of umph, it’s a delight to revisit it. I had forgotten just how much that solo around the two minute mark is exquisite. The video itself is pretty cool as well, featuring fantasy elements but mostly just portraying the band kicking ass. I re-listened to Crystalline after watching this and it’s every bit as good as I remembered it. Hopefully we’ll get some new material out of these chaps soon.



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