Proto sludge upstarts Black Sheep Wall and Colombian Necktie are to play a string of West Coast dates this May. This is obviously a very niché post for those residing in the Western states but these bands are fast building up a reputation for having killer live show and, should you be a fan of diabolically imposing sludge, you should really be heading out to one of these. Tour dates after the jump people.

Follow the blog on the reg and you will have caught our review of Black Sheep Wall’s I’m Going To Kill Myself and the recent split that Colombian Necktie featured on. Both bands fall into the same subgenre but play to their own individual strengths; the bleak bedlam of Black Sheep Wall should coexist pretty sweetly with Colombian Necktie and their emotional approach to heavy as hell music. The sludge wave is coming people. No denying it now.

Here’s the list of dates for shows featuring both of these riotous acts:

5/23 Reno NV @ Holland Project
5/24 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Shred Shed
5/25 Denver, CO @ 7th Circle Collective
5/26 Albuquerque, NM @ Duke City Sound
5/27 Fort Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill
5/29 San Antonio, TX @ Korova Basement
5/30 Las Cruces, NM @ Haphazard Hall
5/31 Tempe, AZ @ 51 West


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