Sigh - Graveward

If anyone were to ask me, “Dude (this is how I force everyone to address me), what’s a band that can really get me movin’ and groovin’ to some blackened symphonic progressive power-metal-influenced avant-garde metal?” I would absolutely point them in the direction of SIGH, Japan’s resident blackened symphonic progressive power-metal-influenced avant-garde metal band.

SIGH’s last album, 2012’s In Somniphobia, was a masterpiece of fun, noisey, progressive avant-garde black metal, and on their album due this year, Graveward, it seems as though their rampage will continue.


The new track, ‘Kaedos Nos Pestis’, the name of which is Latin for “plague strikes us,” is a slice of serious musical entertainment, combining some great guitar riffs, black metal screams/wretches, and wonky keyboards into a romp that, when combined with the lo-fi feel of the song, feels like a b-grade 80s horror movie- think a black metal version of ‘The Monster Mash’. SIGH have consistently managed to be a huge load of fun, especially when their combination of genres really seems like they shouldn’t.

Graveward waltzes into this plane of existence for all to hear on May 4th (otherwise known as Star Wars Day).



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