Over the past few years, we’ve had many new genres invented. Some real, like post-hardcore, metalcore, deathcore; and some fake, like djent, sludgewave and even post-black metal. But one band is pushing the boundary, pushing everything to the next level. I’m here to talk about that now. What is it? Click below to find out.

Fallujah band 2014

The band is Fallujah. This Iraqi band, originally playing metalcore on their first release Leper Colony, have matured over time (see here for how to mature) to play deathcore on their first full length The Harvest Wombs, and then they reached their final form in their second full length release The Flesh Prevails. What’s TFP’s genre? It’s Fallujah’s own creation, post-techwave. Listen to this interview for the band’s explanation of post-techwave, watch the whole thing to get it:


So what’s my take on post-techwave? I think it’s awesome. Have you guys heard of post-techwave? It’s similar to a mixture of vaporwave and technical deathcore and post-metal. Let’s go into each genre here.

1. Vaporwave


Vaporwave is basically elevator music. You know how you get hyped when listening to electronic music? Well, take that dumb bleep bloop shit out and you got vaporwave. Post-techwave is like that in that you take metal, and take out the exciting parts.


2. Technical Deathcore

Spawn of Possession - Incurso

Technical deathcore is an evolution of metalcore. You know how deathcore is metal for bands who want to be death metal but don’t actually know how to actually play their instruments? Well, technical deathcore is when those bands learn how to use studio tricks to appear better at guitar than they are. Fallujah are actually good at their instruments so this is kind of a stretch, but the entire genre of technical deathcore can be boiled down to this and they sound like it so whatever. Moving on.


3. Post-metal

Alcest - Les Voyages De L'Ame

You know how rock musicians get burned out and make low-effort pop music? Post-metal is like that for black metal musicians. So yeah.


4. Summary

Post-techwave will take the metal world by storm. Why? Because listening to it makes you objectively superior to your peers. It’s original music for people who like to think for themselves and don’t like their opinions spoon fed to them by others.

Listen to post-techwave. It will make you more mature.




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