There are plenty of us who were disappointed by the latest Cynic album. Something about it felt in-between, with the more trippy parts not quite blending in with the heavier Cynic composition. Perhaps however there is some hope for those ideas yet, as key-member and all around great guy Paul Masvidal launches his new project, Onward With Love. Working with him this time is the sweet voice of Amy Correia who worked with Cynic before to great success. And Sean Reinert and Sean Malone as guests? OK. Head on over the jump for all that goodness.

You can stream the track here. What’s it like, you ask? It’s dreamy. The vocals are light, dancing above the guitar lines which are distinctly recognizable as Masvidal. It doesn’t do too much in terms of progression but it doesn’t need to: this tracks aims to be good to our ears and it accomplishes that goal completely. Not much more has been said of this project so far, but we’ll keep our ears tuned for you because that’s what we do.


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