So, this strange wave of bands migrating from black metal into other realms of music has been ongoing for quite a while now. Bands like Ulver or Alcest are the most famous (infamous?) names in this movement, with Anathema doing the same for doom and The Gathering for folk. I’m still divided on whether we can define this wave as a success but CODE have decided to add to it. Leaving by the wayside their black metal roots, CODE have released their newest album ‘mut’, all resplendent in somber prog vibes. Head on over the jump for the full stream.

Now, I’ve seen the name Solstafir thrown around in regards to this album and it has some merit. Definitely the darker vibe is reminiscent of those Icelandic masters but this is much more low-key than them. Perhaps the name of Kayo Dot bears mentioning or that of Katatonia. Certainly the vocals seem to nod towards these darker influences. All that side, this album is quite good. It never exactly gets off the ground for me but still presents the listener with some interesting moments. Is this a valuable addition to the wave we described above? Only time will tell.


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