Architects blew a lot of people away last year with the seminal Lost Forever/ / Lost Together and are currently finishing up an extensive tour before hitting the rest of the world with their huge choruses and sharp, sexy riffs. Last weeks issue of Kerrang features the UK’s poster children for unit shifting, majestic metalcore. With physical copies of the magazine came a download code for two previously unreleased tracks. Check these tidy little numbers after the jump.



‘Untitled 2’ is a bit of a filler track while ‘Shadow Of A Doubt’ is definitely a throw back to Hollow Crown and all of it’s snarling goodness. Make of them what you will but it’s always fun to hear music that didn’t quite make the final cut. ‘Untitled 2’ is apparently featured in the music of the Making Of portion of Lost Forever // Lost Together so you may have already heard it before.

I’m going to catch this lot along with Every Time I Die in Glasgow this week. Hopefully their live show is as good as it was five years ago!



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