Losing a member can be the catalyst for extreme change within a band, often to the point where the original vision becomes muddied and the band’s future uncertain. However, following a successful crowdfunding campaign that helped birth their latest album, Young and Courageous (read our glowing review here), and an eighteen date tour throughout Europe, Tides of Man have confidently shaken off all negativity surrounding the departure of vocalist Tilian Pearson. Continuing full-steam ahead, the band premiered the film clip for ‘We’re only Dreaming’ last Friday.


Suiting the aesthetic of the song perfectly, the video seems to represent the band’s journey since deciding to push forward as an instrumental act. The footage of the four rowing up the river, coinciding with shots from their recent “Vasedeva Tour” tells a tale of comradely and capability. As if it weren’t already clear from The Young and Courageous, this video concretes ToM’s clear intentions of not letting up. This vibe is present throughout the clip, ending with the same shot of the band rowing up the river, as if to further signify the intended continuation of their musical expedition.

Tides of Man are currently writing a new record with no word as of yet regarding its release date (only that it’s slated for some time in 2015). You can pick up The Young and Courageous via the groups’ bandcamp.


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