I’m not even kidding. OK, I’m a little bit kidding but holy crap, this band list is insane! For those of you in the dark, this is the 11th for Euroblast Festival, a gathering of bands focusing on the progressive, the djent and the downright fresh. Last year was crazy enough, but it looks like the good folks at Euroblast are not slowing down. This year will feature not only Leprous and Haken but also Destrage, Igorrr and, last but not least, Between the Buried and Me. And Lantlos. And holy crap so many more bands. Head on over the jump for the current list.


Do you really need me to say “holy crap” a few more times down here? I definitely have my eyes set on this festival for this year. I was close to going last year but it didn’t happen because life. This year, I fully intend to do my best and be at this amazing event. In the meantime, feel free to slobber all over this list. I know I will be.


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