Although they have been hyping their split with Mortal Decay since last September and initially said that the material would see light in 2014, Berlin’s insanely brutal Defeated Sanity has finally released their new song! ‘Generosity of the Deceased’ definitely brings the slam back, and hard. Get ready to flail your arms wildly in front of your computer below:


While it may not really sound much like the band’s previously shreddy efforts in 2013’s Passages into Deformity, “Generosity of the Deceased” definitely brings back the band’s roots of slamming, mid-tempo groove riffs with beyond-indecipherable vocals. But fear not, there are still plenty of turn-on-a-dime switches into hyperspeed blast beats and loads of techy chops too! Goatgrind records still has copies of the EP available for sale on their website’s store, but act now, because only 500 copies have been printed!


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