Fans of terrifyingly stacked frontmen and/or crushing hardcore take note; there is a new Harm’s Way video. The Chicago powerhouses are set to release their new album, Rust, through Deathwish on March 10th but before that you have to watch their new video for ‘Amongst The Rust’. It is definitely not what I expected before watching. For starters, frontman Hammers McPligue has a shirt on! Unreal, I know. Get the video after the jump as always people.


‘Amongst The Rust’ premiered over at Decibel and is both a huge step away from the trademark Harm’s Way sound, as well as a familiar lesson in how to play brutal hardcore, the kind that the band have executed perfectly on previous releases. Not since Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation busting out clean vocals on Monolith Of Inhumanity have I been so stoked on hearing a new style emitting from the lungs of a vocalist, McPligue’s cleans are haunting and tortured. The song still has that meaty, drop an anchor down an elevator shaft beatdown approach though, so don’t be afraid that these guys are pulling a St. Anger on us.

Preorder Rust here and protect ya neck if you’re going to see them over the next few months. I’ll see you at Temples Fest.




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