If you’ve listened to Archspire, a native-to-Vancouver technical death metal band whose LP last year, The Lucid Collective, was both a personal favorite and a well-received album in general, chances are you’ve noticed how ridiculously fast their vocalist is. Now, to further exemplify his skill, the band have released a…unique playthrough of track ‘Fathom Infinite Depth’ from said album.  Head on over the jump for a one of a kind vocal (?) playthrough of the track.



Oliver Rae Aleron, aforementioned vocalist of Archspire, absolutely kills it with this vocal playthrough, interspersed with live footage of the band playing and him giving commentary both on his involvement in Archspire and his experience as a vocalist and a musician.

Aleron talks about the album that really got him into death metal, Cryptopsy’s None So Vile, and how he became a member of Archspire. He drops advice for aspiring vocalists- “listen to things outside of the genre you’re a part of” is the big takeaway, which is a pretty good nugget of wisdom for any musician. I’d say his best piece of advice is the one at the very end, after the song is over.


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