The UK is chock full of exciting new bands across every genre imaginable. Surrender The Coast are one of these new talents, preparing to whoop ass, take names and have some fun while they’re at it. The Leicester outfit play what some would call hardcore and some would definitely not. This ain’t hardcore for the crowd killer, macho scene but hardcore for fans of melody and catchy as hell riffs.


Mashing up equal parts of the dual vocal attack of Alexisonfire and the early aggro that Architects have recently rediscovered, Surrender The Coast are a bunch of lads who can write a damn good song. Their first (nearly) full length, Lost Souls came out last week to a pretty rapturous response from the UK press. There’s no wonder why, as this release is pumped full of whip and snap. Each track pounds its chest and barrels through riffs and beatdowns with innate ease. They do however enter some murkier territory with ‘Thrones’, a classic Every Time I Die inspired slow burner, showing a darker edge that the band would be amiss to explore further.

You can purchase Lost Souls here if you fancy helping out a relatively new UK band burst from the shackles of the oppressive nature of the UK music industry.




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