summer slaughter 2015 lineup

It’s that time of the year again! The biggest annual North American metal touring package The Summer Slaughter Tour has began dropping hints at the lineup that is surely beginning to form behind the scenes. Judging by recent posts on The Summer Slaughter Facebook page,, it’s looking like Arch Enemy and Obscura will be a part of the tour’s 2015 iteration.

While the page outright names Obscura as a potential addition (who would greatly benefit from the exposure leading up to the release of their new album), the update “You Will Know My Name” is a cryptic nod to Arch Enemy’s 2014 single. If you’ll remember back, Summer Slaughter vaguely announced their Cannibal Corpse / Between the Buried and Me lineup with their “Hammer Smashed Mordecai” update. It seems like we can always count on a mix of water-testing questions for smaller acts and roundabout confirmations playing with song titles for the confirmed acts. Nine times out of ten, bands hinted at and mentioned on The Summer Slaughter Facebook page make it to the final lineup — at least, that’s what has been the case in previous years.

Arch Enemy seem like a safe headliner, and Obscura would be a hell of a mid-level support.  We expect to see up to six more bands being announced for a proper lineup, with two openers being selected in another round of fan-voting. To stay up-to-date on Summer Slaughter rumblings as it comes in, visit the tour’s official Facebook page. Just be sure to save yourself the grief and avoid the comments.

– JR

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