Keep of Kalessin - Epistemology

This is a big deal! Keep of Kalessin have made available their sixth studio album Epistemology for streaming. Why should you care? Well, it’s great, but let me explain. KoK are a Norwegian “Epic Extreme Metal” (I’d call them Progressive Black Metal) band. Their previous album Reptilian is tied for my all-time favorite record. They lost their vocalist in an African jungle and now their amazing guitarist Arnt “Obsidian Claw” is doing vocals. Well, whatever, the album is amazing. Seriously. Check it out after the jump.

Here’s the link to the stream.

I don’t want to spoil too much because we will be posting a review of this soon, but I can easily say that this is my album of the year so far. OC’s singing is way better than previous vocalist Thebon’s, both when it comes to screaming and cleans. The album totally lives up to its “epic” nature with all the blast beats and orchestral elements and ethereal singing and 7-9 minute songs. The 2-minute stingers at the end are also great! Seriously, I can’t stop gushing about this album, so I’ll spare you a three thousand word “Hey listen to this album because it’s fucking great” news post and just let you listen to it.


P.S: Why are you still here? Go listen to it!

P.P.S: No, seriously. In case you missed it, the link’s here again.

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