These types of posts are normally reserved for young and upcoming acts but today is a little bit different. Trepalium have been plying their trade for more than a decade now and have some serious history in that they have supported their fellow countrymen (and envirometal messiahs) Gojira and also released albums through labels like Seasons Of Mist. You have to go back to 2012 for the last time we featured them here! Anyway, check a full album stream and some more words after the jump!

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The full stream of the French groove wizards Dambala’s Voodoo Doll is courtesy of Metal Sucks and if you, like us, enjoyed the slapstick groove metal musings of Destrage and their chart topping Are You Kidding Me? No. then you should more than definitely dump your spit valve and air sax along to this. Trepalium, much like Destrage, are rooted in groove metal but their sense of humor and melody pulls them out of Lamb Of God territory. Jazz and swing aren’t forced into these songs but instead are incorporated into the natural boogie of the material. Don’t view the brass section as a gimmick, more a necessary ingredient in the recipe that makes Trepalium so peculiarly moreish.

If you want some heavy music absolutely dripping in swag and swing, Trepalium are just for you. The guest appearance of one Joe Duplantier on the title track might sway you also. Oh, did I leave that to last just to keep you interested? I’m such a tease.



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