Glasgow — home of Tennent’s Lager, the River Clyde, Celtic Football Club, and more importantly, Koralis. Drawing in sonic elements from bands like Erra, Periphery, and The Safety Fire, this 5 piece tech metal act brews a sound that is equal parts melodic, groovy, and technical.  Their debut EP, Surviving the Ideal, is a valiant effort to differentiate themselves from the rest of the tech metal world.

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Upon first listen, the thing that stuck with me the most is the amount of melody that permeates throughout the entire record.  Very rarely is there a section of a song that rides on one note or doesn’t incorporate some kind of extra vocal, synth, or guitar lead layers.  In the middle of the EP is the pallet-cleansing track, ‘Surviving the Ideal’.  This electronic track doesn’t feel like it was thrown in at the last minute with the sole purpose of being filler; instead, it lets your ears take a rest after soaking in the previous tracks.  It will be interesting to see how this element of their sound expands into subsequent releases.

Overall, this EP is very good and is well worth your listen.  I am very excited to hear this band evolve and refine their sound in the future.  I will be keeping my eye out for a full-length release.  Head on over to the Koralis Bandcamp if you want to get your hands on the EP!


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