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With great excitement and a sore neck, Heavy Blog Is Heavy, via North Carolina’s own Daedalus, presents the exclusive premiere of ‘My Father’s Keeper’, the second single from the upcoming debut EP Apotheosis. If you like technical metal with an aura of foreboding menace, complete with some wicked riffs and vocals, check it out. The track can be found exclusively on Heavy Blog’s official YouTube channel, which you can get to right after the jump!


Featuring former members of Lorelei, Daedalus are no fresh starts to this business we call metal. Atmospheric passages and windmill friendly blasts compete with some unearthly leads in an amalgamation of tech death and straight up brutality. It’s easy to get excited about new music when it as direct and enjoyable as this.

Get over to their Facebook page and give the band some love. Hopefully we will be seeing more of them here at Heavy and elsewhere too as soon as Apotheosis drops this summer.



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