Dance Gavin Dance Instant Gratification PromoDance Gavin Dance have finally announced the release date for their seventh studio album, Instant Gratification, with that release date falling on April 14th. The track list can be viewed along with the album artwork in the image above. A short teaser trailer for the album can be seen after the jump.


The irony of this albums title is definitely not lost on me as the release date feels like it’s light-years away. Dance Gavin Dance is my favorite band, so when I hear that new music is coming from them, I tend to freak out a little bit. I also tend to freak out because no band quite fills the niche that they do. There are bands who may sound slightly similar, but there will never be another band like them. The teaser sounds incredibly promising and the end has a nice little taste of an incredibly sweet bass tone that sounds like it could be the successor to the bass tone on Happiness.  I already have this record pre-ordered on CD and LP, so needless to say I am incredibly excited for this release and believe that it holds incredible promise.

Pre-order Instant Gratification here.



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