This is a weird one. Heard of the upcoming PS4 game The Order 1886? It involves a secret order of knights fighting supernatural creatures in Victorian London, and it looks pretty cool. Well, the folks at Corridor Digital have teamed up with Max Gorelick (Kenny G’s son) and Heavy Blog’s very own Ben Robson to make an amusing promotional music video for the game, but with a twist: it takes place in 1986 instead.

First we need some introductions. Corridor Digital are a pair of guys who have a Youtube channel where they post mini action films they make. Their videos usually involve elaborate costumes or special effects, and their production values are rather high. They also partner with game publishers to make promotional videos for games.

Max Gorelick is the son of famous sax player Kenny G, and he also has a Youtube channel where he posts original songs and covers of other metal songs.

Ben Robson is a Heavy Blog contributor, he also won the Nevermore contest to sing with them on stage a few years back, and he has a project called Knyght Moose.

Without further ado, I present the video:


Basically, it’s a joke on how the guys at CD misinterpret the premise of the game and make a video that take place in 1986 instead of 1886. It’s a hair metal video that goes off the rails when werewolves get involved. It’s pretty cool, but what’s more interesting to us is that the song in the video was written by Max Gorelick and Ben, with the latter doing vocals. It’s a pretty good song, and it can be downloaded here, the solo is especially cool!

If you’re curious about the game, here’s a trailer for it – it looks very atmospheric and intriguing.


The Order 1886 comes out on PS4 on the 20th of February.


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